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SEO: AuthorRank & Upcoming Google Curve

SEOs like myself are constantly thirsting for fresh news bursting from the Search Engine Optimization bubble and digital marketing channels.  Other SEOs can surely relate.  It’s a constant challenge to stay ahead of the Google curve.  A moment away and they’ve flipped a 360 on  you.  We’re all too familiar with the outcome of Google’s Panda update perhaps if that’s any indication.  By now you’ve probably heard the term ‘AuthorRank’ floating around the SEO world.  One that stands of critical content importance and quite honestly hasn’t received enough attention – yet. Read More

Mike’s Favorite Tweets (and Blog Posts) for The Week: June 5th – June 13th

I was definitely excited at the response to my first Favorite Tweets (and Blog Posts) post and have taken some of the things that I wish I could have done better, or differently, into account this time around. This is a fun opportunity to try some different things with the Scorch blog and to use that trial-and-error to further develop the format of this post series.

Ironically, the best feedback that I received on the initial post was via Facebook, about a week later. Read More