Associate Creative Director

St. Louis, MO

You nurture creative environments, maintain the creative standard, and guide others to achieve it. The phrase, “good enough,” turns your stomach. You’re the Associate Creative Director.

Job Description

At SCORCH, the Art Department is the final stop for produced work. We are production gurus, detail fanatics, typography experts and have the ability to execute different creative concepts in numerous different ways both on and off the computer. We are currently engaged in major communication initiatives for Fortune 500 clients, as well as proprietary product development initiatives, utilizing the most cutting edge tools and technology.

We are seeking an Associate Creative Director who is obsessive about delivering great content experiences. You have major experience sowing the seeds of strategic ideas and nurture creative teams that help them flourish. You motivate. You inspire. You communicate and present like you’re on the TED stage. You represent SCORCH’s creative philosophy, strategy and objectives at industry events, panels and groups. You direct the creative output and manage the work of the entire agency.

We know a great ACD does more than assist the Creative Director, deliver pitches, and schmooze clients. They are vital for building an environment in an agency where great ideas are born and can thrive. They inspire great work, and maintain the standard of output. They also know their clients’ brands like they know their Frutiger from their Futura. They live for building teams of leading-edge designers. They thrive in the details, but can also step back and paint the proverbial big picture.

Look, if you’re serious about leading a truly great Art Department, we would love to have you here at SCORCH. So, are you serious?

What You'll Be Doing

  • Leading teams and inspiring great work that maintains the standard of the Art Department’s output
  • Nurturing a creative environment where enterprise content marketing teams can flourish
  • Utilizing the talents of copywriters and art directors
  • Directing the creative output, including content marketing assets and social media content
  • Managing the work, performance and professional development of creative teams
  • Recruiting and managing new creative talent and teams
  • Ensuring clients’ brands are well represented across all work being created
  • Acting as the agency’s brand ambassador at industry events, panels, and groups

Desired Skills & XP

  • Must have exceptional motivational and leadership skills
  • Must have strong communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to lead a creative department with a critical eye
  • Ability to respond appropriately to feedback
  • Knowledgable and passionate about client business, with a clear understanding of the brand’s values and where and how content marketing contributes to its success
  • Tenacity and resilience to get you and your team through deadlines
  • Solid understanding of the graphic production process (i.e. image optimization, organized layering of files, sorting of source and production files, file version control, etc.)
  • Familiarity with UX planning and strategy: user persona creation, information architecture diagramming, usability testing, wireframe layout, workflow prototyping, and interaction design

Details & Benefits

HR didn’t put us up to this—but we have to tell you that we offer a fun work environment, 
tailored for sharing responsibility and the constant sharpening of your technical and 
professional skills. We have an entrepreneurial, merit-driven culture where meaningful initiative and contribution are recognized and rewarded with things like financial compensation, 401k savings, health plans and paid vacation.

Location: St. Louis, MO

Salary: Negotiable

Employment Type: Full-time