Rapid Fire: Keith Mangles, Operations Manager | SCORCH

Rapid Fire: Keith Mangles, Operations Manager

Nathan Doyle

Formally, we’re a collective of strategists, designers, and writers working together to create custom content marketing campaigns for our clients. But what makes SCORCH so SCORCH-ey is the amalgamation of unique personalities, skills, and interests working together under one roof. Get to know the people that make up SCORCH in our profile series, Rapid Fire, where we shine the spotlight on one of our team members and get their answers to some of life’s most important questions. 

Keith Mangles: the SCORCH swiss army knife, password protector, evangelist of The Waiting Room, and demigod of rock ‘n roll is dry as the Sahara, sharp as pitchfork, and a damn fine barista. The Star Mangles-Banner keeps SCORCH flying.


You wouldn’t guess it, but I’m actually a pretty good:

Keith Q3

I cannot function without:

Keith Q1

When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be:

Keith Q11

My favorite place to visit is:

Keith Q12

I wish I was a better:

Keith Q2


In five years, SCORCH will be:

Keith Q4

The last TV show I binged watched was:

Keith Q5

My guilty pleasure is:

Keith Q6

A good infographic has:

Keith Q7

If marketing didn’t work out, I would have been:

Keith Q8

If I were a superhero, my sidekick would be:

Keith Q9

I cannot stand:

Keith Q10

The next big thing in this industry is:

Keith Q13