Rapid Fire: Mike Dellaquila, Content Writer | SCORCH

Rapid Fire: Mike Dellaquila, Content Writer

Nathan Doyle

Formally, we’re a collective of strategists, designers, and writers working together to create custom content marketing campaigns for our clients. But what makes SCORCH so SCORCH-ey is the amalgamation of unique personalities, skills, and interests working together under one roof. Get to know the people that make up SCORCH in our profile series, Rapid Fire, where we shine the spotlight on one of our team members and get their answers to some of life’s most important questions. 

From the content department, by way of Queens, New York, our starting shortstop, Sylvester Stallone enthusiast, and Picklemans’ Most Wanted; for this edition of Rapid Fire, we have Derek Jeter with Cable, Miiiiiiike Deeee, Mike Dellaquila.



I cannot function without:

Mike Q2

In five years, Scorch will be:

Mike Q5

I can’t believe:

Mike Q6

At Scorch, I am the best:

Mike Q7

If I played for the Cardinals Yankees, my walk up song would be:

Mike Q3

My biggest nightmare is:

Mike Q8

Draw it:

Mike Drawing

My biggest fashion regret is:

Mike Q9

If I were a superhero, my sidekick would be:

Mike Q10

The last movie I cried in was:

Mike Hardball

I cannot stand:

Mike Q11a

More people should be following:

Mike Q4

Scorch makes me want to:

Mike Q12