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Solange Deschatres

Global Senior Director of Content Marketing

"Boundary obliterator. Visionary. Beagle-song creator."


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I’m always asking marketing’s existential questions, such as, “Who are we talking to?” and, “What does success look like?”
My personal timeline is a scrapbook of adventures and accomplishments. In grade school I used every excuse imaginable to get out of running “The Mile.” Now, I’m an Ironman triathlete. Don’t give me a challenge unless you expect me to follow through.
A couple of years ago I backpacked for seven days to climb Mt. Whitney, and didn’t look at a screen for a week. When I finally turned on my phone, the screen looked hyper bright and alien. That was both a glorious and a horrifying moment.
My heroes are trailblazers and great storytellers like Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Maya Angelou, Dorothy Parker, and Elon Musk.